Lip Conditioner - Vegetarian

Lip Conditioner - Vegetarian

Lips can get a little tired and in need of a lift.  This lip conditioner is just the thing.

Many thanks to Nicole Churchward for supplying this recipe.


  • 20g Cocoa butter
  • 9g  Shea butter
  • 3g  Lanolin
  • 45g Olive oil
  • 23g Beeswax


  1. Heat gently together in a double boiler. Stir occasionally until completely melted.
  2. Add mica of choice and/or flavour (1-2gm) if desired
  3. Fill containers of your choice using use a syringe or a teaspoon.
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Hi Kepi,
Yes it is, but the animal is not harmed so the product is considered vegetarian. It is like eggs that a vegetarian will eat but not the chicken.
This product is not vegan as it contains product from animal content, but is considered vegetarian

Kerry Pearson

I thought Lanolin was derived from sheep


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