Essential oil blending can allow your creativity to come to the fore while creating a scent exclusive to you.

Essential Oil Blending

 At a time in your life when stress levels are high and the need for calm and peace abound, the scent of your surroundings can impact your mental health more than is realised. Creating something that resonates with you personally may help ease your woes, and help you develop a skill as you seek something different to do.

Typically associated with aromatherapy use, Essential Oils can be blended to cater to your personal needs when maintaining your health and well being.  From medicinal to skin and body care, essential oils are extremely versatile and highly regarded for their therapeutic properties.
With an abundance of oils to choose from, blending can be quite intimidating as there’s more to consider with your oil selection than just the aroma itself. Each oil provides its own unique scent and potential benefits, so here’s a little breakdown on blending and applications to get you started.
Ultimately, oil blending comes down to personal choice and needs.  There are a few things to consider upon your selection of oils such as:

  1. What therapeutic benefits are you seeking?
  2. Are the oils for aromatic purposes only?
  3. Applications such as diffuser, massage, bath oil, etc.

Blending factors such as essential oil to carrier oil ratio, and potency level are important when blending to ensure you receive the best possible benefits as well as .  Essential oils vary in potency, therefore, the less potent the oil the more drops you will need to add.
Often categorized based on their aroma, essential oils can blend well together if they are from the same group.
Examples of categories include:

  1. Herbal – Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Lemongrass.
  2. Woody – Cinnamon, Sandalwood, Pine.
  3. Floral –   Jasmine, Lavender, Neroli.
  4. Citrus –   Lemon, Orange, Lime.


  1. Massage Oil – Unwind with this mix of Lavender, Frankincense and Orange.  It’s important to note that when applying directly to the skin, essential oils should always be mixed with a carrier oil.
  2. Bath Oil – indulge your senses with this gorgeous bath oil.
  3. Restful sleep – add a few drops of Lavender, Geranium, and Ylang Ylang to your favourite carrier oil and mist over your pillowcase before bed.
Blending your own mix of essential oils can be lots of fun and therapeutic to the soul… hello gorgeous aromas!
With that in mind it’s important to practice your blending in a safe manner. Avoid using oils that may enhance any pre- existing skin irritations and always patch test first. 
Essential oils are not safe if ingested.
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