Wheat pillows are an invaluable warmth source through the cooler months, or can be used as heat (or cold) packs for injuries. So easy to make.

these wheat pillows are excellent little items to have at home for those times of discomfort. make a couple so one can be in the freezer (for bruises and general accidents) and one ready for heating (for tired, sore muscles).



Two pieces of fabric 42cm x 17cm
1kg Wheat
50gm Lavender


With right sides of fabric together sew on three sides, leaving a short side open. use a one centimetre seam allowance.
Turn right side out.

Mix wheat and lavender together and fill your bag through the open seam. Hand sew the opening closed.

Your new wheat bag may be put into the freezer ready for those little emergencies, or placed in the microwave for 3 minutes with a cup of water if you need it warm (do not overheat).

by Kerry Pearson
Heirloom Body Care

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  • Kerry Pearson

    Hi Alicja,
    They will last for years if you keep it stored correctly. I would suggest in a plastic bag in the fridge or freezer for best longevity..

    Lavender is used as it releases a soothing fragrance when heated, but if you dont like that just leave it out. If you prefer the scent of other flowers give them a go

  • Alicja

    Hi Kerry, I was just wondering what the life span is on these pillows, what other herbs/flowers may or may not be suitable in addition to the lavender and how to combat mould growth on the grains from heating etc Thanks so much!

  • Kerry Pearson

    Most larger pet stores and farm supply places will carry wheat. Some supermarkets also have it in the pet aisle

  • Nicole Mitchell

    Where do you find wheat?

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