If you need to know which IFRA category your product falls in this document may prove helpful

The IFRA data shows the maximum amount of any fragrance you can use for a given application (not the recommended amount) to ensure it is safe for human use.  It ensures the responsible use of fragrances to achieve best practice and responsible use of fragrance.  If you ever wanted to know what the IFRA codes related to it is all spelled out for you below to help you better read the IFRA documents presented throughout the site.

IFRA Category

Product Type

IFRA Category 1

Products applied to the lips: Lip products e.g. lipstick, lip balm; Children's toys

IFRA Category 2

Products applied to the axillae: Deodorant and antiperspirant products of all types; Body sprays/mists

IFRA Category 3

Products applied to the face/body using fingertips: Eye products e.g. eye make-up, eye moisturizer; Facial make-up; Make-up remover; Nose pore strips; Wipes for face, neck, hands, body; Facial masks; Body and face paint

IFRA Category 4

Products related to fine fragrance: Hydroalcoholic and Non hydroalcoholic

fine fragrance of all types e.g. Eau de Toilette, Parfum, Cologne, solid perfume, fragrancing cream, aftershaves of all types; Ingredients of perfume and fragrance

mixtures for cosmetic kits; Scent pads; Scent strips

IFRA Category 5A

Body lotion products applied to the body using the hands (palms), primarily leave on: Foot care products e.g. creams, powders; Insect repellent for application to the skin; All powders and talc (excluding baby powders and talc)

IFRA Category 5B

Face moisturizer products applied to the face using the hands (palms), primarily leave on: Facial toner; Facial moisturizers and creams

IFRA Category 5C

Hand cream products applied to the hands using the hands (palms), primarily leave on: Hand cream; Nail care products including cuticle creams; Hand sanitizers

IFRA Category 5D

Baby creams, baby oils and baby talc: Baby cream/lotion, baby oil, baby powders and talc

IFRA Category 6

Products with oral and lip exposure: Toothpaste; Mouthwash, including breath sprays; Toothpowder, strips, mouthwash tablets

IFRA Category 7A

Rinse-off products applied to the hair with some hand contact: Hair permanent or other hair chemical treatments (rinse-off) e.g. relaxers, including rinse-off hair dyes

IFRA Category 7B

Leave-on products applied to the hair with some hand contact:Hair sprays of all types e.g. pumps, aerosol sprays; Hair styling aids non sprays e.g. mousse, leave- on conditioners; Hair permanent or other hair chemical treatments (leave-on) e.g.

relaxers, including leave-on hair dyes; Shampoo - Dry (waterless shampoo); Hair deodorizer

IFRA Category 8

Products with significant anogenital exposure: Intimate wipes; Tampons; Baby wipes; Toilet paper (wet)

IFRA Category 9

Products with body and hand exposure, primarily rinse off: Bar soap; Liquid soap; Shampoo of all type; Conditioner (rinse-off); Body washes and shower gels of all types; Baby wash, bath, shampoo; Bath gels, foams, mousses, salts, oils and other

products added to bathwater; Cleanser for face (rinse-off); Shaving creams of all types e.g. stick, gels, foams; All depilatories (including facial) and waxes for mechanical hair removal; Foot care products (feet are placed in a bath for

soaking); Shampoos for pets

IFRA Category 10A

Household care excluding aerosol / spray products: Hand wash laundry detergent; Laundry pre-treatment of all types e.g. paste, sprays, sticks; Machine laundry detergents with skin contact e.g. liquids, powders; Fabric softeners of all types

including fabric softener sheets; Ironing water; Hand dishwashing detergent; Hard surface cleaners of all types e.g.bathroom, kitchen cleansers, furniture polish; Toilet seat wipes; Household cleaning products, other types including fabric cleaners, carpet cleaners, furniture polishes sprays and wipes, stain removers, treatment products for textiles e.g. starch sprays; Floor wax; Dry cleaning kits; Fragranced oil for lamp ring, reed diffusers, pot-pourri, liquid refills for air fresheners

(non-cartridge systems), etc.

IFRA Category 10B

Household aerosol/spray products: Animal sprays applied to animals; Air freshener sprays, manual, including aerosol and pump; Aerosol/spray insecticides

IFRA Category 11A

Products with intended skin contact but minimal transfer of fragrance to skin from inert substrate without UV exposure: Feminine hygiene conventional pads, liners, interlabial pads; Diapers (baby and adult); Adult incontinence pant, pad; Toilet

paper (dry)

IFRA Category 11B

Products with intended skin contact but minimal transfer of fragrance to skin from inert substrate with potential UV exposure: Tights with moisturizers; Scented socks, gloves; Facial tissues (dry tissues); Napkins; Paper towels; Wheat bags; Facial masks (paper/protective) e.g. surgical masks not used as medical device; Fertilizers, solid (pellet or powder)

IFRA Category 12

Products not intended for direct skin contact, minimal or insignificant transfer to skin: Candles of all types ; Laundry detergents for machine wash with minimal skin contact (e.g. Liquid tabs, pods); Automated air fresheners and fragrancing of

all types e.g. concentrated aerosol with metered doses, plugins, electrical, incense, liquid refills (cartridge); Air delivery systems; Cat litter; Cell phone cases; Deodorizers/maskers not intended for skin contact e.g. fabric drying machine

deodorizers, carpet powders; Fuels; Insecticides e.g. mosquito coil, paper, electrical, for clothing, excluding aerosols/sprays; Joss sticks or incense sticks; Dishwash detergent and deodorizers - for machine wash; Olfactive board games;

Paints; Plastic articles (excluding toys); Scratch and sniff; Scent pack; Scent delivery system (using dry air technology); Shoe polishes; Rim blocks (Toilet)

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