Soy melts are so expensive, yet so easy to make yourself. have a quick read and learn how.

Soy melts are simple to make and oh so rewarding.

Soy wax
Wax compatible colour (colour tabs or liquid dye)
Fragrance (wax compatible)
Mould - clam shells, soy shot containers or ice cube trays depending on the form you wish to use them in.
A melting container of your choice, be it something to use in the microwave or something more suited to the stove top either will be fine with this type of wax.
The amount of wax you choose to make up in a batch is fairly irrelevant in the scheme of things, but be sure to weigh it before you begin. this way you will know roughly how much fragrance to add later.
You can melt your soy wax in the microwave if you wish to. It is about the only wax that can be melted using this medium. If you choose this option be sure to microwave your wax in 30 second bursts until the wax is completely melted.
If you choose to use a saucepan, ensure it used on a stove with a low direct heat setting until the wax is melted.
If you wish to colour your melts add a small piece of colour tab or a few drops of liquid colour until the desired colour is achieved. Allow the wax to cool for a good while before fragrancing. If the fragrance is added when the wax is too hot you will burn your fragrance off during manufacture rather than in the oil burner when you wish the fragrance to be released. (it is better to have to remelt the wax slightly than to have scentless melts after all your efforts). When the wax is sufficiently cool add around 5%-8% of the weight of the wax (which you measured prior to melting)  in fragrance and mix well. Pour the wax carefully into your tart mould, soy shots, clam shells or ice cube trays and allow to set. When completely cold remove your tarts, or close and label your clam shells or soy shots. Ideally you should let them cure for 24 hours before use, but if you can't help yourself use one now.

Soy melts are wonderful additions to the home to add ambience and atmosphere to places that are sometimes overrun with scents we would rather not be aware of. The growth in their demand and popularity has grown considerably over recent years. They are quite costly to purchase when you consider how easy they are to make. for a few dollars you will have ingredients to make quite a mountain of melts for your future enjoyment.

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If you decide not to make your own, please investgate Juliet's gorgeous products.

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