Herbal ointments can be a wonderful thing to use for conditions that match the problem.
A base for your ointment is simply made from 800ml olive oil (other oil can be used if desired but olive is awesome) to 150gm beeswax.


First gently boil the herbs of choice in the oil until it stops steaming and frothing. Remove the heat immediately and allow to cool. Strain through nylon stockings or suitable filter.
Return the oil to a cleaned saucepan with the beeswax and heat until the wax is melted. Allow to cool substantially and when a thin ring starts to form around the outside of the pan pour into your jars. Seal when cooled and store in a dark cupboard.
Example recipe to sooth eczema, psoriasis, skin conditions, dry skin, dermatitis, insect bites, nappy rash, cracked skin. pets may also be treated with this ointment for summer itch and flea allergies.

Use herbs in the above base:
200gm fresh or 100gm dried chickweed
100gm fresh or 50gm dried plantain