Essential Oil Wax Blocks are a fantastic product to help freshen up areas in your home that may be feeling a little stale. They look very pretty when decorated with dried herbs or flowers and are lovely as gifts.


Follow the simple recipe below and if you’re stuck on ideas for an essential oil, we suggest trying Clary Sage & Lavender or our Invigorating Essential Oil Blend.


200gm Soy Wax
20gm (10%) Essential Oil
Dried Herbs or Flowers - optional
Wax Pitcher or clean aluminium can
Hanging Mould


Tip the wax into the pitcher or can and place it in the centre of a small saucepan then pour water around it until it reaches 2 inches up the sides.
Boil the water over medium heat until the wax has completely melted.


Once melted incorporate the essential oil and gently stir to thoroughly combine.


Carefully pour the wax into the mould cavities and if using herbs or flowers, arrange them in the wax when it’s just beginning to set.