This is where you will find your botanical additives to adorn your creations.  International customers please check with local authorities before ordering to insure you are permitted to import these items

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Yellow Calendula Petals (Organic) No Calix

Organic Calendula Petals are known the world over both for their vivid beauty and soothing properties. Used for centuries for rituals and healing, now you can harness the fabulous calendula...

Chamomile Flowers - Organic

Loaded with anti-inflammatory and healing properties, Heirloom's organic Chamomile Flowers are a fabulously useful product. These delicate buds can be infused with various oils and used to create wonderful creams,...

Chickweed Herb - Stellaria media

Chickweed is a plant comprising of white star-shaped flowers and oval leaves.  Although mostly regarded as a weed, its long been harnessed in some cultures due to the belief it...

Cornflower Petals Blue - Organic

You won't be left feeling blue once you see our gorgeous Cornflower Petals! Prized for their stunning shade, these petals will transform your projects. Use in pot pouri for a...

Hibiscus/Rosella Flowers Dried - Organic

Hibiscus/Rosella Dried Flowers are a vibrant addition to your body care creations and decor. Elevate your projects with a tropical touch and natural beauty. Looking for an all-natural, stunning colorant...

Lavender Flowers

These wonderfully versatile gems can be used in soaps, baths, infused oils, bath bombs, lavender bags.....the list is only limited by your imagination.Only the beautiful blue flower segments are included...

Lemon Myrtle Leaves - Organic

Glossy green and gorgeously scented, the leaves of the Lemon Myrtle are the all-Aussie way to spice up your creations! The textured leaves make for a plesantly mild exfoliant, making...

Lemongrass Dried - Organic

Lemongrass has been used for centuries, not only in cooking but for skincare. Cymbopogon citratus makes an excellent skin tonic and effective cleanser for oily or acne affected skin due...

Orange Peel Sweet Dried - Organic

Orange you glad you can get your hands on this wonderful product! Our organic sweet orange peel is a great addition to soap, helping to anchor fragrances to the bar....

Peppermint Leaf

Familiar and invigorating, Heirloom's dried Peppermint Leaf is a breath of fresh air. Infuse with oils to make fabulous balms and salves, or with water to create stimulating creams and...

Red Rose Buds - Regular Conventional

These gorgeous rose buds make brilliant decorations on soaps, in pot pouri or even lightly sprinkled at weddings. What other uses can you come up with?

Rose Bud Red Small - Conventional

Indulge in the delicate allure of our Red Rose Buds Small, meticulously curated for passionate artisans like you who delight in crafting their own soaps and body care products. Infused...

Rose Petals - Organic

Unlock the secrets of nature's timeless elegance with our premium Organic Dried Rose Petals. Sourced from the finest organic farms, our delicate rose petals are carefully handpicked at their peak...

Rosemary Leaves - Organic

Rosemary Leaves are the classic, homely herb your creations need. One of the few botanicals that retains it's delicious scent after drying, our Rosemary Leaves are prefect for a wide...

Sandalwood Powder Australian - Superfine

Aussie Aussie Aussie! Get your hands on our fabulous, pure Australian Sandalwood powder and enjoy its wonderful benefits.Heirloom's Sandalwood Powder is harvested from the native Santalum Spicata tree that grows...

Tea Bags - Large

Use to make fabulous bath teas, herbal teas and draw scenters. Simply fill with your desired concoction and seal shut with a warm iron. Easy peasy!Size: 4" x 5" (13cm...