Pure essential oils are blended together to create new scent-sations. 100% essential oils.

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Drifting Essential Oil Blend

 This gorgeous blend will soothe the mind and lift your spirits; use in a bath bomb for a tranquil soak, or in melts to fill your home with its heavenly...

Goddess Essential Oil Blend

Gentle yet refreshing, this warm scent is perfect for your morning routine. Put in lotions and creams and enjoy the scent lingering on your body, or use in bath bombs...

Invigorating Essential Oil Blend

The Invigorating essential oil blend is a wonderful blend of lavender, tea tree, spearmint and rosemary to create an amazing fresh, herbal scent. Breathe in this exhilarating scent to feel...

Relaxing Essential Oil Blend

 This blend offers a wonderfully harmonious blend of floral, woody and citrus notes designed to soothe the body and mind. Enjoy this serene scent in a heavenly melt, or use...

Rose Absolute Commercial - Bulgarian

Rose essential oil is a euphoric scent, but can come with a hefty price tag. To try to reign that in to a more reasonable price, we are now offering...

Springing Essential Oil Blend

With its frolicking citrus and floral notes, this blend is sure to leave you electrified. Use in an oil burner for a spectacular scent, or in your liquid soaps for...

Summery Essential Oil Blend

 This blend offers the best of both worlds with its cooling mint and warm citrus notes. Use in bath bombs for a summery fizz, or in a candle for a...

Vital Essential Oil Blend

Clear, sweet and rosy, this scent is brings clarity and vibrancy to any product. Use in soaps for a revitalize rinse, or in a candle to invite an enchanting energy...