Basic items & tools you may require during your creative journey

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1lt Long Nosed Plastic Pouring Jug

Heirloom's 1lt Long Nosed Plastic Pouring Jug is a fabulous tool, whether you make soaps, candles or body products. The long nose allows you do deliver your product exactly where...

Face Mask

When dust and fume exclusion is important to you these masks are a godsend,  Good nose coverage and chin enclosure will reduce particle invasion.  A replacement washable filter will allow...
Goggles - Dust

Goggles - Dust

These dust goggles are a great addition to your safety gear collection as they can protect eyes from many of the hazards that making your treasures can create. These goggles...
Cutter Blade-Crinkle

Cutter Blade-Crinkle

What a fabulous finish your soap bars will have when cut with this sturdy crinkle cutter blade. The sharpened edge will run through most soap cutting guides making it easy...
Infrared Thermometer

Infrared Thermometer

This infrared thermometer is used to take the surface temperature of an object without the need for contact to be made. A simple click of the button is all that...

Lip Balm Tube Filling Tray

These trays simplify filling lip balm tubes no end, turning a chore into a fun activity. Insert tubes from the underside into their snug compartments then pour lip balm into...

Measuring Glass

These fantastic glass measuring devices are brilliant for measuring essential and fragrance oils without them eating into plastic, and are easily washable without retaining the fragrance from its last use....

Midi Measure Glass 120ml

If you make bigger batches, or have need of a larger measuring glass - yes, glass not plastic, this is your go to tool. Measuring up to 120ml, it also...
Message Press Set

Message Press Set

Like a minature printing press, these hard plastic letters and numbers are assembled in the holder forming the message you wish to imprint. Carefully and firmly press into your medium...
Mica or Glitter Spray Bottle 35ml

Mica or Glitter Spray Bottle 35ml

If you have ever wanted to dust your products with mica or glitter you know how tricky that process can be.  By putting your dry product in a mica or...

Mini Wooden Scoop - Hole In Handle

These gorgeous scoops are fantastic additions to your crazy creations! Petite and cute, they add an extra level of thought and care to your bath salts, milks and fizzes while...
Nail Clipper Medium

Nail Clipper Medium

These nail clippers are made from chrome plated, heat treated steel for long lasting sharp cutting performance. A truly thoughtful addition to any pedicure or spa pack. Our medium clippers...
Nail Clipper Small

Nail Clipper Small

These nail clippers are made from chrome plated, heat treated steel for long lasting sharp cutting performance. A truly thoughtful addition to any pedicure or spa pack. Our small clippers...

Perfume Tester Papers (100)

If you are obsessed with making your own perfumes these perfume tester strips are a must. There are lines marked to assist with ratio management. The strips are 15cm long...
pH Papers (80 strips)

pH Papers (80 strips)

To Test Bar Soap pH Wet the soap bar in running water. Rub the bar with your hands until you get some bubbles or a thin film of liquid soap...

Pipette - Non-Sterile 3ml

Disposable Non-Sterile Pipettes: Precise and Convenient Liquid Transfers for all your Crafting Needs Discover our collection of disposable non-sterile pipettes, crafted to facilitate precise and convenient liquid transfers for all...