There is always something new to learn. Whether it is how to make a basic candle, one made from a different base product, a melt and pour soap or the basics of cold process soap making. The path to education is open to you today.

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Bath Bomb Kit - Standard

If you would like to enter the world of making bath bombs this is probably the easiest route to learn the feel you are looking for while making flatter bath...

Deluxe Bath Bomb Kit

Deluxe bath bomb kit is the kit you want for elite bath bombs that float, create foam, look and smell amazing.  With all the ingredients in one place you cannot...
Bath Milk Kit

Bath Milk Kit

Bath Milk is a wonderfully rejuvenating experience physically, while a peaceful bath relaxes the mind.  Our Bath Milk Kit is here to allow you to make your own the way...

Melt and Pour Soap Kit

If you are wanting to get into the world of making your own soaps from a melt and pour soap base this kit is the one for you. There is...

Soap Fund Raiser Kit (M & P)

If you are looking for a fundraiser for your charity that is different from standard fundraising methods, consider a soap fundraiser kit. This easy craft can have you reeling in...
Cold Process Soap Making Kit

Cold Process Soap Making Kit

Our Cold Process Soap Making kit teaches you how to create gorgeous soaps that are perfect as gifts or a special treat for yourself. Please be mindful that due to...

Lip Balm Kit

Everything you need to make your own luscious lip balms! Included is: 200g Lip Balm Base 10 Lip Balm Pots 10 Lip Balm Tubes 4 Dram Colour 15ml Flavour Lip...

Lip Balm Fund Raiser Kit

Lip Balms can be a great seller for those trying to raise funds for charity. This kit contains 1kg lip balm base - regular or vegan. Your choice of 200...

Lipstick Making Kit (50% of profits go to Multiple Sclerosis Society)

All you should need to create your own fabulous lipsticks in the colour range of your choice. Additional colours and micas are available to add to your kit through the...

Luxurious Facial Cream Kit

Ever dreamed of making your own creams and lotions from scratch but didn't know how? This kit will make the seemingly difficult task of creating your own moisturisers turn into...
Facial oil kit ingredients and packaging

Facial Oil Kit

Facial oils are an amazing, filler free option for moisturising your skin, and making your own is much cheaper than purchasing manufactured product.Simply apply the completed product to clean, damp...
Skin refining cleansing oil kit ingredients and packaging

Skin Refining Cleansing Oil Kit

If you love an oil cleanse to help clear your pores of dirt, grime , makeup and sebum buildup this product is for you.  By combining these fabulous oils that...
Herbal Hair Conditioner Kit

Herbal Hair Conditioner Kit

This kit contains 100gm conditioning emulsifier BTMS 25 100ml glycerine 100ml jojoba 15ml optiphen plus 50ml synthetic Vitamin E 15ml Lavender Commercial Essential Oil 15ml Rosemary Essential Oil 2 x...
Solid Conditioner Bar Kit

Solid Conditioner Bar Kit

Solid bars are gaining popularity due to their environmental and economic benefits. They require little to no packaging and are fabulous when travelling as there is no risk of leaking...
Pink Salt and Lavender Body Scrub Kit

Pink Salt and Lavender Body Scrub Kit

Make your own body scrub from this easy to manage kit that includes1kg Himalayan Fine Salt100ml Sweet Almond Oil15ml Vitamin E (Mixed Tocopherol)15ml Lavender Commercial Essential Oil50gm Lavender Flowers Package...
Shower Steamer Kit

Shower Steamer Kit

Shower steamers are an amazing go-to when a head cold in particular is impeding your day. This kit has all the ingredients you should need to allow you to make...