If you are looking for a fundraiser for your charity that is different from standard fundraising methods, consider a soap fundraiser kit. This easy craft can have you reeling in the profit in no time. Depending on the mould size you choose you can make upward of 200 bars of soap from this kit, and if you sell them for only $3.00 each will make in excess of $300. Pricing and sizing is completely up to you.

This kit contains :
20kg melt and pour soap base in your choice of clear or white coconut base
3 x 20ml liquid soap colours - red, blue, yellow
3 x 100ml fragrances - raspberry, lavender, coconut lime punch

3 x soap moulds
3 sets of instructions to let your assistants know what they are doing.
Should you have more people helping and need more items we sell all these components separately without the need to order a second kit.

Please remember to neatly wrap your completed soaps in cling film when they are unmoulded to protect them from air humidity which will cause "pimples" on your beautiful product. A sticky label declaring ingredients and your contact information will fill legal obligations.

Should you require different options than those included as standard please make a note in the text box and we will swap them up for you.