For products that make your home and car smell glorious without the need for a naked flame try making your own diffusing products.

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Diffuser Base

Our diffuser base has an excellent scent throw, making it perfect for  reed diffusers. Scent throw is what reed diffusers are all about, and this base offers the potential for...

Reed Diffuser Bottle & Collar

Introducing the epitome of elegance - our Reed Diffuser Bottle & Collar, the perfect canvas for crafting your very own signature scents. Experience the luxury of this clear glass bottle,...

Rattan Diffuser Reeds 25cm

Having a home that smells wonderful is always alluring and appealing to come home to. Reed diffusers help to create that ambiance without the need for flames. Rattan is one...

Black Rattan Diffuser Reeds 3mm x 250mm

"Experience the profound joy of coming home to an enchanting symphony of scents, brought to life by our Black Rattan Diffuser Sticks. Picture this: a haven of tranquility, where the...
Car Diffuser Acetate Boxes

Car Diffuser Acetate Boxes

These boxes have been designed to contain and display your car diffuser bottles. These rigid clear boxes are 7cm in height, 3cm in length and 3cm in width which fits...

Diffuser Kit

Diffusers are an easy way to bring a luxurious ambiance to any space. Customise the fragrance to the room in your own home or as gifts to others. This kit...

Fragrance Beads (Eva Beads)

Known as eva beads, aroma beads and scent beads among others, these absorbent little treasures will hold at least 15% of their weight in fragrance oil to make great car...

Plastic Aroma Jar + Lid 100gm

This plastic aroma jar is the perfect storage unit for your aroma beads when glass is out of the question. Standing 4.5cm tall with the floral cut out lid in...

Aroma Seal (Casker Seal) 100gm

This seal is helpful if you have packed your aroma beads in our plastic aroma jar and would like them to stay there while they enjoy their journey elsewhere. Used...

Glass Embossed Aroma Jar - Includes Aluminum Daisy Cut Lid + Separate Wad

Heirloom's Glass Embossed Aroma Jar has an eye-catching diamond pattern moulded into its being. The daisy cut lid is both cute and practical. When used to store prepared fragrance beads...

Diffuser Kit with Crystals

Crystal Diffuser Kit combines the stunning visual beauty and qualities of crystals with the magnificent room fragrancing capabilities of a diffuser to offer a product to surpass others on the...