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Heart Embed Mould 12 Cavity - Slight Imperfections

Heart Embed Mould 12 Cavity - Slight Imperfections

This cute silicone mould has 12 cavities that when made up create 14gm hearts that can be used as embeds for your soap, decorations, guest soaps or get creative with...
$8.00 $4.00

Summer Peach Fragrance Oil Sweet Cakes

Summer Peach fragrance by Sweetcakes is realistic and peachy It is tart, sweet, and juicy with none of that icky chemical smell found in most synthetic peach fragrance oils. If...
$11.00 $9.35

Goat Milk Powder - Full Cream - Short Date November 2024

Luxuriously smooth and creamy, Heirloom's Goats Milk Powder is the perfect addition to your soaps, bath and body products. Our full fat, pasteurized Goats Milk Powder is rich in vitamins...
$12.00 $9.00

Tapioca Flour - SHORT DATE June 2024

Finely ground tapioca can be a godsend as a gluten free additive to your products that is an option to stabilize emulsions.  It can be used to create gel textures...
$2.90 $1.45

Buttermilk Powder - Short date August 2024

Buttermilk powder is an incredibly versatile, amazing ingredient as it can be used in soaps, bath milks, scrubs, face washes, hair products, and more. As an example of what you...
$3.00 $1.50
Desert Red Coloured Sand 1kg

Desert Red Coloured Sand 1kg

Desert Red Coloured Sand 1kg is an Ornamental sand you can use in your gel candles to highlight the "WOW" factor, or in containers as a base for freestanding pillars....
$6.00 $2.50

Calendula Infused Oil - Organic

Introducing our Calendula Infused Oil, a natural treasure crafted from organically sourced calendula flowers, delicately infused in premium-grade sunflower oil, and enriched with a gentle touch of vitamin E. This...
$10.00 $9.00
Essential Oil Sampler Pack (5)

Essential Oil Sampler Pack (5)

Unlock the power of aromatherapy with our carefully curated Essential Oil Sampler Pack (5). This exclusive collection brings together five of the most popular and versatile essential oils: Sweet Orange, Tea...
$38.00 $30.40

Amber Fragrance Oil Sweet Cakes

Amber is a mainstay of perfumery, adding a warm, sweet, woody note to blends. The opulent golden warmth of this scent hints of warm, lazy summer days. Prized over the...
$10.00 $8.50

Angel Fragrance Oil Sweet Cakes

An incredible duplication of the famous perfume of the same name by French haute couturier Thierry Mugler. When creating Angel, Mugler asked the perfumer to combine all the most wonderful...
$19.00 $16.15

Blackberry & Sage Fragrance Oil Sweet Cakes

The fruity sweetness of blackberry paired with calming, herbal sage -- genius! Wild, fruity-berry top notes of cassis, blackberry, red raspberry, and grape lead to a violet-sage middle, with a...
$11.00 $9.35

Blue for Women (Ralph Lauren type) Fragrance Oil Sweet Cakes

Sexy, sexy, sexy -- in that understated, I'm-wearing-riding-pants-on-the-beach, Ralph Lauren kind of a way . . . Our duplication of this floral stunner begins with an dazzling, complex bouquet of...
$15.00 $12.75

Chocolate Fragrance Oil Sweet Cakes

Chocolate fragrance oils can be pretty dicey - either wan and weak like a Tootsie Roll, or flat and harsh. This chocolate fragrance is the exception - very full-bodied and...
$12.00 $10.20

Clementine Fragrance Oil Sweet Cakes

Clementine, is of course, a type of tangerine, and this fragrance's sparkling top notes and killer midsection of natural orange, grapefruit, lemon, tangerine, and bergamot oils will make this the...
$11.00 $9.35

Green Irish Tweed (Creed Type) Fragrance Oil Sweet Cakes

Our first-ever duplication of a fragrance from the venerable (and extremely pricey) House of Creed. This fine men's fragrance begins with a sprig of Dublin ivy, joined with green notes...
$15.00 $12.75

Hibiscus Fragrance Oil Sweet Cakes

  This fragrance is like summer in a bottle. A gorgeous flower that is captured beautifully in a blend that begins with fruity top notes of apple, blackcurrant, lime and...
$12.00 $10.20