The fresh clean scent of this Green Tea Fragrance is fabulous. It has top notes of citrus, lime, orange and bergamot, middle notes of peppermint, herbals, floral, jasmine and is held together with the amber and musk base.
An excellent product to use for making soap, candles or body products.

Body: Skin safe
Soap: CP, HP and M&P
Recommended CP Usage Rate: 30-50gm per kilo of oils
Recommended M & P Usage Rate: 2-3%
Acceleration: No
Discoloration: None
Vanillin Content: 0% - NIL
Soy: Yes.
Paraffin: Yes.
Gel: No.
Flash Point: >61ºC
Vegan: Yes
Paraben Free: Yes
Phthalate Free: Yes

IFRA Maximum Concentrations.  These are not recommended usage levels:

Class 1 – Lip Products: Not Suitable
Class 2 – Body Sprays: 1.78%
Class 5A – Creams, Lotions and Body Oils: 6.63%
Class 9A – Soaps and Bath Products: 16.58%

If you require maximum concentration data on other classes please contact us