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50ml Rigid Plastic Bottle 24mm neck

These 50ml rigid plastic bottles are brilliant for products that have low viscosity but need pretty packaging.These versatile PET bottles are 9cm tall and 3.5cm wide and have no flexibility...

50ml Squeezable Plastic Bottle 24mm Neck

These cute PET bottles are made in a way that makes them flexible to allow product to be pushed out. The bottle is 8.3cm tall and 3.5cm wide. It has...

100ml Plastic Bottle - Matte Black

As with our 250ml version, these matte black plastic bottles add sophistication to your products.  The 100ml size bottles are perfect for travelling and pair well with a mist spray...

125ml Plastic Bottle 24mm Neck

These versatile PET bottles are 13cm tall and 42mm wide. They have a 24mm neck which suits all 24/410 fixtures (sold seperately to enable mix and match to suit your...

Cream Bottle with Gold Overcap 150ml

These bottles provide stunning presentation for both your oil and water-based products.  Available to purchase with either a gold pump or spray with a gold over-cap to complete the look Height -...

Foaming Bottles & Lids - White - 150ml

These bottles are perfect for creating a luxuriously fluffy foam from liquid soaps and surfactant-based cleansers.  Our white foaming bottles are recyclable and are fitted with a pump head and...

SQUARE 240ml Plastic Bottle 24mm Neck

This delightful clear bottle is actually square in shape...rectangular actually. It stands 13cm to the shoulder and 15cm including the neck. It is 48mm per side and has a capacity...

250ml Tall Boston Plastic Bottle 24mm Neck

These versatile PET bottles are 17cm tall and 5cm wide. It has a 24mm neck which suits all 24/410 fixtures (sold separately to enable mix and match to suit your...

250ml Squat Plastic Bottle 24mm Neck

These versatile PET bottles are 14cm tall without a closure, and 5.8cm wide. WIth a wider base their centre of gravity is lower making them suitable to more robust applications...

Plastic Bottle Matte Black - 250ml

Add a touch of sophistication to your products with our matte black plastic bottles. We recommend this bottle be paired with a mist spray or serum pump (which can be...

500ml Boston Round Plastic Bottles

These plastic amber bottles are the perfect alternative to their glass counterpart. They are made with flexible plastic which means they can be easily squeezed (allowing practical use of Disc...

500ml Plastic Bottle with Trigger Spray

These practical plastic bottles fitted with our trigger spray fixture make the perfect combination for anyone interested in making their own cleaner or room spray. The bottle's large capacity, as...

Screw Cap Black or White 24mm Neck

A simple screw on cap is sometimes all you need to seal your bottle. Choose from black or white to make your product look completeBottles and closures sold seperately. (380...

Silver Screw Cap 24mm Neck

This elegant screw cap fitting fits most of our presentation bottles to give you an amazing finish to your product.

Flip Top Black, White, Natural 24mm Neck

Flip top closures are an appealing and practical option when presenting your product.  Ribbed sides offer excellent grip while the lid contains an exact fit plug that seals the opening...

Disc Top Black, White, Natural 24mm Neck

Disc tops allow for liquid dispensing without the need to remove the lid. Just push the pivot and the pourer will present itself to be put away when you are...