New Products at Heirloom are a constant thing, as we try to bring new products and ideas in to meet your needs. Here are some of our latest products, let us know what you think!

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Lily, chocolate orange, Joop Homme Tyoe, Passionfruit Papaya fragrance samples

March 2024 Fragrance Sampler Set

Indulge in a world of captivating scents with our exclusive March Fragrance Sampler Set. Curated with care and precision, this collection features five tantalizing fragrances in convenient 15ml bottles, perfect...

Chocolate Orange Fragrance Oil

Indulge your senses with our Chocolate Orange Fragrance Oil, a delectable blend designed for soap, candle, and body care artisans. Immerse yourself in the rich aroma of creamy chocolate infused...

Joop Homme Type Fragrance

Joop Homme Type fragrance is a captivating blend designed for use in soaps, candles, and body care products. Immerse yourself in the harmonious symphony of scent that evokes sophistication and...

Tigerlily and Patchouli Fragrance Oil

Transport yourself to a realm of exotic allure with our Tigerlily and Patchouli fragrance oil. Crafted to infuse your soap, candle, and skincare creations with an irresistible blend of floral...

Passionfruit and Paw Paw Fragrance Oil

Indulge your senses in a tantalizing journey with our Passionfruit and Paw Paw fragrance oil. Capturing the essence of tropical bliss, this exquisite blend is crafted to elevate your soap,...

50 Shades Fragrance Oil

Our "50 Shades" Fragrance Oil is a captivating blend meticulously crafted for soap, candle, and body care artisans. Let your senses embark on a seductive journey with top notes of...

PETITE 50gm Aluminium Tin (Lid & Base) - LIMITED STOCK ONLY

If you like to prepare your own creams and balms and candles the 50gm Aluminium Tin (Lid & Base) work as a reliable solution to store them. Featuring a durable...

Tapioca Flour - SHORT DATE June 2024

Finely ground tapioca can be a godsend as a gluten free additive to your products that is an option to stabilize emulsions.  It can be used to create gel textures...
$2.90 $2.32
February 2024 Fragrance Sampler Set

February 2024 Fragrance Sampler Set

It is time to enjoy our February  Fragrance Sampler Pack to take your senses to new levels with its fabulous range of scents for you to enjoy. Made with the finest...

Kids Melt and Pour Soap Kit WITH EASTER MOULD OPTION

**** Please supply your childs name in the text box on "View Cart" (then click update shopping cart) for a custom label just for them. ****🌈 If you are looking ...
Humblebee & Me DIY Skincare for Beginners mini-course KIT

Humblebee & Me DIY Skincare for Beginners mini-course KIT

$82.78 $74.50

Sodium Alginate

Our magical ingredient is for all you home crafters out there – Sodium Alginate! If you're ready to take your bath product creations to the next level, this is your ticket...
January 2024 Fragrance Sampler Set

January 2024 Fragrance Sampler Set

Elevate your senses with our brand new Fragrance Sampler Pack, a delightful collection curated to transport you to blissful realms of aroma and allure. Crafted with care, this sampler pack...

Jam Doughnut Fragrance Oil

Welcome to the enticing world of Jam Doughnuts Fragrance Oil – a delectable symphony crafted for soap, candle, bath, and body care enthusiasts. Indulge your senses in the delightful top...

Red Frogs Fragrance Oil

Welcome to the playful world of Red Frogs Fragrance Oil, a whimsical aroma inspired by the beloved confectionary frogs adored by both young and young at heart! Immerse yourself in...

Peach Fragrance Oil

Step into a world of peachy perfection with our Peach Fragrance Oil, tailor-made for soaps, candles, and luxurious body and bath products. Let the top notes of zesty lemon and...