When bright and colourful is important to your soap creations it is time to turn to Neons as your go to intensity option. Add a little oil, glycerine or very light trace soap and mix to a smooth paste before adding to your batch. Consider swirls and layers as well as embeds and lavish adornments to make your soap stand out from the crowd.

All soap samples pictured are made with cold processed soap at a rate of one level small plastic scoop to 30gm soap to show consistency in depth for comparison.

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Neon for Soap Pack (5)

This stunning bright neon colour powder pack is made up from our range of incredibly bright and eye catching colours. Suitable for melt and pour and cold process soap making....

Lemon Glacier Neon Colour Powder MMO

Bright and cheerful, our Banana neon colour powder is sure to mesmerise onlookers with its radiance in anything it is selected to honour. Suitable for: soap (tested in cold process)...

Mango Tango Neon Colour Powder MMO

Mango Tango neon colour powder is an intensely bright orange colourant that will make your products jump.Suitable for: soap (tested in cold process.  Please see picture for results)bath bombsbubble barscosmeticsand body...

Sunrise Neon Colour Powder

Sunrise neon colour powder resembles the gorgeous intense rays of sunlight as they edge their way above the horizon on a clear spring morning. Suitable for: soap (tested in cold...

Blood Orange Neon Colour Powder

Blood Orange Neon Colour Powder is bright and uplifting with its stunning appearanceIngredients: Polyurethane-11, Yellow 5, Red 28 CAS#:68258-82-2, 12225-21-7, 18472-87-2 This mica is suitable for use in:Melt and Pour...

Alizarin Neon Colour Powder MMO

Alzarin is a bright orange red neon colour powder that is intense in its colouring and means some serious business INCI: Polyester-3, Red 28.This mica is suitable for use in:Melt and Pour...

Trippy Neon Colour Powder

Trippy neon colour powder is the type of bright red that will have you reaching for your sunglasses. Suitable for: soap (tested in cold process.  Please see picture for results)...

Jazzberry Jam Neon Colour Powder MMO

Jazzberry Jam Neon Colour Powder is a bright, happy colour that makes the music start as soon as it is in view (if only in your head) Suitable for: soap (tested...

Fandango Neon Colour Powder MMO

Fandango Neon Colour Powder is an incredibly bright happy pink that sets the tone for the day. Suitable for: soap (tested in cold process.)bath bombsbubble barscosmetics (not eyes or lips)and body...

Carbazole Neon Colour Powder MMO

Carbazole Neon Colour Powder has a bright vibrancy that is unsurpassed in the purple world.  Suited for bath products and soap applications the results will have you in awe. Suitable for:...

Harlequin Neon Colour Powder MMO

Harlequin Neon Colour Powder is an extreme sports kind of green colour that takes intensity off the charts INCI: Polyurethane-11, Chromium green oxideCAS#:68258-82-2,1308-38-9CI#: 77288 This mica is suitable for use in:Melt and...

Capri Neon Colour Powder MMO

Capri Neon Colour Powder has great depth and intensity making it ideal for your soap and bath products Suitable for: soap (tested in cold process.  Please see picture for results) bath bombs...