More tart than sweet, this fragrance gives a surprising twist on a classic scent. Inhale deeply to transport yourself back to the carefree summers of your childhood. Berry Nice Fragrance Oil is often used for a dewberry fragrance, as it has good depth and strength of character.

Body Application  - Skin Safe. 
Not approved for lips
Leave on recommendation 0.2-0.66% (IFRA limit 0.66%)
Wash off recommendation 0.3-0.8% (IFRA limit 5.04%)
Armpit application recommendation 0.1-0.14% (IFRA limit 0.14%)

Soap: Cold process, hot process, melt and pour
Recommended CP Usage Rate: 35-50gm per kilo of oils (IFRA limit 5.04%)
Recommended M & P Usage Rate: 2-3%
Acceleration: In some recipes- please test
Discolouration: No
Vanillin Content: 0% - NIL

Household Applications
Cleaning Products: Recommended to 2% (IFRA limit 7.39%)
Candles - Recommended usage 10% (IFRA Unlimited)
Gel Candles: No
Room Spray: Recommended 2% (IFRA limit 18.14%)
Diffuser - Recommended usage 25% (IFRA Unlimited)

INCI: Fragrance or Parfum
FLASH POINT: >70ºC (158ºF)

 Set to be discontinued when stocks run out