Introducing the epitome of elegance - our Reed Diffuser Bottle & Collar, the perfect canvas for crafting your very own signature scents. Experience the luxury of this clear glass bottle, standing tall at 10.5cm with a sleek 6.5cm square design, holding up to 140ml of your personalized fragrance blend.

Unleash your creativity with our complete set, which includes the exquisite glass bottle, a beautifully crafted timber collar adorned with a silver insert, and a convenient bottle neck plug for preserving your unique creations.

Creating your bespoke reed diffuser is as effortless as it is gratifying. Simply mix your preferred fragrance with our high-quality reed diffuser base, maintaining a delightful balance of 25% fragrance to 75% base for an enchanting aroma. Let the reeds absorb the scent for five minutes before upending, allowing the magic to unfold. When not in immediate use, seal in the allure with the included plug, ensuring your unique blend remains fresh and ready for whenever the moment calls. Elevate your space with scents that truly reflect your style and personality today!