Crystal Diffuser Kit combines the stunning visual beauty and qualities of crystals with the magnificent room fragrancing capabilities of a diffuser to offer a product to surpass others on the market.

Choose your crystals and fragrance from the drop down boxes to make the combination that suits you and your lifestyle.

Diffusers are an easy way to bring a luxurious ambiance to any space. Customise the fragrance to the room in your own home or as gifts to others. This kit allows you to make 2 reed diffusers with crystals for visual appeal and serenity.

Choose from:
Amethyst is a purple crystal which is said to promote inner peace, calmness and balance that offers protection and enhances meditation.
Jade is a beautiful green crystal traditionally used to bring good luck and good health.  It symbolises, serenity, tranquility and purity and is thought to balance the body.
Lapis lazuli is a blue crystal that is believed to help release stress and bring serenity and deep peace.  It is known as the stone of truth and friendship
Rose Quartz is a peaceful light pink crystal for peace and unconditional love.  It is believed to be mood lifting and used for protection.

Please choose 2 fragrances from the menu: you are welcome to choose 2 of the same if you love it so much!

This Kit Includes:

1 x 1 L of Diffuser Base
2 x 50 ml Fragrance of your choosing
2 x Reed Diffuser Bottle and Collar
20 x Rattan Diffuser Reeds
100gm Crystals of your choice