It must be beginner's luck!
This kit is the perfect introduction to the fabulous world of candle making! Get your creative juices flowing with your choice of fragrance and colour. This kit allows for a very basic introduction to soy candles, with instructions suited for both microwave and stove top wax melting. All you'll need is a microwave safe container. Heirloom's soy wax candle kit is the perfect gift for your crafty friends, or a fun treat for a weekend of creativity!
The kit includes:
  • 1kg Nature Wax soy wax
  • 1 colour of your choice
  • 1x50ml fragrance of your choice
  • A thermometer
  • 10 x CDN16 pre tabbed wicks
  • 1 small clear metro jar 
  • Wick stickums
  • Candle warning labels
  • A wick holder, and
  • Instructions

Get crafty!

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