Deluxe bath bomb kit is the kit you want for elite bath bombs that float, create foam, look and smell amazing.  With all the ingredients in one place you cannot do better than a kit.

Your Kit Includes:

1kg         Bicarbonate of soda
500gm   Citric Acid
100gm    Epsom Salts
50gm     SLSA
50gm     Kaolin Clay
50gm     Tapioca Flour
50gm     Cream of Tartar
10gm     Vial of Mica (please choose below)
50ml      Sweet Almond Oil
50ml      Fragrance oil  (please choose below)
50ml      Polysorbate 80
50ml      Witch hazel in blue plastic bottle with mist spray
1x           pair disposable gloves
1x           dust mask (the paper type)
1x           63mm SS bath bomb mould

Makes approximately 9 bath bombs