Chickweed is a plant comprising of white star-shaped flowers and oval leaves.  Although mostly regarded as a weed, its long been harnessed in some cultures due to the belief it offers significant health and wellbeing benefits. Teas were made using crushed leaves of the plant, yet these days it’s more commonly used for topical applications.
Rich in essential vitamins (A, B, C and D) and minerals (Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Zinc), chickweed is fast becoming the desired ingredient when making salves and lotions, as it lessens the symptoms of skin conditions such as  eczema and even insect bites.
Products containing chickweed are also said to have the potential to relieve minor burns. With the addition of saponins offering anti-inflammatory properties, chickweed is a fantastic element in soaps delivering exceptional relief and much needed nourishment to irritated skin.
Please note:   Chickweed is said to be well-tolerated when used topically, and as recommended with all new products, be sure to do a patch test first.  
Botanical Name:                 Stellaria media
Organic Status:                   Wildcrafted
Country of Origin:              Hungary
Plant Part:                            Aerials