This gentle face mask will allow you to deep cleanse and exfoliate in the same process.

Bentonite Clay Face Mask This recipe is for 1 use and should be made just before use as it does not include any preservatives to maintain it.  I used the Plastic Scoop - Medium for easy measuring.  3 g Bentonite Clay  3 g Rice Sand Approx 5 ml of Floral Water  (I used Rose Hydrosol or...

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A simple scrub to clean up the dirtiest hands

Do you have someone you just can't get clean? Try this simple scrub for softer, cleaner hands. Ingredients: 20gm Emulsifying wax 20gm Lanolin 190ml SLES free natural product base 100gm Pumice 20ml Orange essential oil 3gm Optiphen plus preservative Directions: Gently melt the lanolin and emulsifying wax over low direct...

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Having softened the skin on your feet with a calming soak an invigorating scrub will help to remove any dead skin and moisturise new found tissue.

A well exfoliated foot will be smooth and soft - well worth it to make your feet feel soft, moisturised and ready to jump back to life. Ingredients: 1 cup Fine salt with 1/4 cup Sweet almond oil (or as required). 8 drops Lemon myrtle essential oil 5 drops Lavender...

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