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This gentle face mask will allow you to deep cleanse and exfoliate in the same process.

This recipe is for 1 use and should be made just before use as it does not include any preservatives to maintain it. 3gm bentonite clay3gm rice sandApproximately 5ml rose hydrosol (you can use water if you prefer) 1. In a glass bowl mix the clay and rice sand until...

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A simple scrub to clean up the dirtiest hands

Do you have someone you just can't get clean? Try this simple scrub for softer, cleaner hands. Ingredients: 20gm Emulsifying wax 20gm Lanolin 190ml SLES free natural product base 100gm Pumice 20ml Orange essential oil 3gm Optiphen plus preservative Directions: Gently melt the lanolin and emulsifying wax over low direct...

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Having softened the skin on your feet with a calming soak an invigorating scrub will help to remove any dead skin and moisturise new found tissue.

A well exfoliated foot will be smooth and soft - well worth it to make your feet feel soft, moisturised and ready to jump back to life. Ingredients: 1 cup Fine salt with 1/4 cup Sweet almond oil (or as required). 8 drops Lemon myrtle essential oil 5 drops Lavender...

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