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If you need to know which IFRA category your product falls in this document may prove helpful

   IFRA Categories Finished product types IFRA QRA Category     Aerosols (including air freshener sprays & pump sprays, but not including deodorant/antiperspirants, hair styling aids spray)  Category 9 Air delivery systems  Category 11 Air Fresheners and Fragrancing of all types (concentrated aerosol with metered doses (range 0.05-0.5mL/spray), plug-ins, solid...

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Wheat pillows are an invaluable warmth source through the cooler months, or can be used as heat (or cold) packs for injuries. So easy to make.

these wheat pillows are excellent little items to have at home for those times of discomfort. make a couple so one can be in the freezer (for bruises and general accidents) and one ready for heating (for tired, sore muscles).   Ingredients: Two pieces of fabric 42cm x 17cm 1kg...

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Infuse herbs in oil and add wax to make a soothing balm to help many skin conditions.

Herbal ointments can be a wonderful thing to use for conditions that match the problem. A base for your ointment is simply made from 800ml olive oil (other oil can be used if desired but olive is awesome) to 150gm beeswax.   First gently boil the herbs of choice in...

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