Solid conditioner bars are easy for travel and at home without the environmental impact of a bottle.

After last fortnights recipe on solid shampoo bars it seems only right to complete the treatment with a solid conditioner bar.  These bars are fabulous when travelling as there is no risk of leaking into baggage, and take up a ridiculously small amount of space.
Makes 2 x 60gm bars
Phase 1
100gm BTMS 25                                                          
5gm cetyl stearyl alcohol
5gm cocoa butter                                                        
3gm avocado oil

Phase 2
3gm sodium lactate                                                     
2gm d-panthenol
2gm invigorating essential oil blend

Place phase one ingredients in a double boiler arrangement and heat until all ingredients are melted.
Remove from heat and allow to cool a little.
Add phase 2 ingredients and combine well.
Pour into moulds and allow to set up completely before unmoulding.

To use: Rub directly on freshly shampooed hair.  Massage into hair.  Allow to sit for 2 minutes before rinsing clean.

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  • Kerry Pearson

    Hi Helen,
    The ingredients in phase 2 are heat sensitive so it is best to add them as late and cool as possible. It is a bit of a juggling act to get it just right, but very worth it. You can certainly use BTMS 50 rather than 25 if you wish. The 50 has double the active ingredient of the 25 but otherwise they are the same.

  • Helen Charles

    Hi Heirloom, I tired out this recipe after ordering all the ingredients. It turned out pretty well, but It was a bit challenging getting the mixture into the moulds before it started to harden. I’m wondering if it is ok to add phase 2 whilst Phase one is still on the double boiler to avoid this happening? Also, is it ok to use BTMS-50 rather then 25? Thanks heaps and love the fast delivery of my raw ingredients.

  • Kerry Pearson

    Hi Glenna,
    There really is no correct answer to that as it will depend how much each person rubs it in their hair, how frothy they like it to be, how long the hair is…

  • Glenna

    Hi Kerry,

    By any chance, have you tested how many washes the above recipe (approx 120g) will last for?


  • Kerry Pearson

    Debbie, It can technically be used straight away but may need time to get harder for the longest shelf life.

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