d-Panthenol, also known as Pro-vitamin B5, is an active ingredient that can drastically improve the appearance of hair, skin and nails. Heirloom's d-Panthenol is the perfect ingredient for sophisticated body and hair care products.

When used in hair care, d-panthenol acts as a long-lasting moisturiser that can thicken the hair and prevent damage, while simultaneously improving sheen and lustre.

Deeply beneficial to the skin, our d-Panthenol can act as a deeply penetrating moisturiser with added anti-inflammatory benefits. When used in nail care it improves hydration and imparts flexibility.

Usage Rate: 0.1-5.0% (Hair Care), 0.5 -5.0% (Skin Care), 1% (Nail Care)
Country of Origin: China
INCI: Panthenol
CAS Number: 81-13-0 (D-panthenol), 7732-18-5 (water)
EINENS Number: 201-327-3 - Approved for sale in Europe, Japan and the USA
Activity level: 75%
Vegan & Vegetarian: Yes

Please note: Do not heat over 70ºC. Recommended for use in products with pH 4-8. Soluble with Water, ethanol, methanol, and propylene glycol. Insoluble in oils and fats. Synthetically derived.