Sodium Lactate likely one of the most useful ingredients you never knew you needed! A liquid salt, Sodium Lactate is added to lye water to hasten the drying and hardening process and create a strong, luxurious lather. The addition of this product results in harder, longer-lasting bars of soap that dries quicker and unmoulds with ease, ensuring a perfect, unblemished result that cuts cleanly every single time. Heirloom's Sodium Lactate is perfect for soft oil soap, palm-free soap and Castile soap, preserving structural integrity, ensuring a clean appearance and reducing cure time. Use at a rate of 2-5% for the perfect amount.

Sodium Lactate is a wonderful addition to lotions and creams. Want a thicker, velvety-soft product that provides deeper, long-lasting hydration? Add Sodium Lactate! Our Sodium Lactate additionally reduces the stickiness of glycerine-heavy recipes. A little goes a long way: use at 1-3% of the total recipe.

This product is derived from corn syrup using non genetically modified product. This is the standard 60% product required by most recipes.

This product is food grade (when bought in original packaging), vegetarian, vegan, Kosher compliant and certified and Halal compliant and certified.

CAS No: 867-56-1
Country of Origin: Thailand


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