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This recipe contains no traditional emulsifier, and has no water so does not need preserving.  This product is greasier than traditional lotion, but not as greasy as a balm and has easy application with smooth skin feel.

Ingredients:Phase 15gm beeswax100gm of carrier oil of choice (I used olive oil) Phase 260gm tapioca flour6 drops essential oil or fragrance oil of choice Method:Using a double boiler on medium to low heat, gently warm phase 1 until the wax is melted.   Stir the oil into the wax thoroughly and allow to...

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Aleppo soap is traditionally made in Syria using methods that go back centuries.  This recipe is a version of that tradition that is modified to allow for some modern conveniences.

Aleppo soap is a traditional Syrian product that is made from olive oil and laurel berry oil.  If made in the original way it is made using hot process, but can also be made using the cold process method if you wish. Ingredients:Caustic Phase129gm Sodium Hydroxide (caustic soda)240gm Pure water Oil Phase250gm...

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Oil cleansing has become extremely popular as more people discover how wonderful it is for the skin.  This recipe will allow you to make your own product at a fraction of the shop bought versions

25ml Almond Oil15ml Argan Oil10ml Jojoba Oil5 drops Vitamin E7 Drops Relaxing Essential Oil BlendCombine oils in a clean, dry mixing bowl.  Leave unscented, or add 7 drops relaxing essential oil blend, or an essential oil combination of your choosing.Mix well and pour into 50ml amber bottle with dropperTo use: Apply...

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