Use this simple recipe to make a deliciously luxurious lotion for the whole family

This recipe is a simple but effective light cream base full of great skin feel and moisturising properties. Ingredients:             Phase 1820.5gm distilled water                Phase 250gm sweet almond oil        25gm grapeseed oil25gm cocoa butter 50gm BTMS25 conditioning emulsifier ...

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This gentle face mask will allow you to deep cleanse and exfoliate in the same process.

Bentonite Clay Face Mask This recipe is for 1 use and should be made just before use as it does not include any preservatives to maintain it.  I used the Plastic Scoop - Medium for easy measuring.  3 g Bentonite Clay  3 g Rice Sand Approx 5 ml of Floral Water  (I used Rose Hydrosol or...

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A rich oil and wax blend that makes a solid product that is easily dispensed from a deodorant tube to leave your hands grease free for other purposes.

Lotion bars are a solid moisturiser that are easy to make and wonderful to use. Makes 3.5 - 4 lotion bars Ingredients: 45g Beeswax 30g Cocoa butter 60g Shea butter 60g Almond oil Fragrance of your choice. Deodorant tubes Directions: Melt beeswax in a small saucepan over low heat. Add...

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