Banana Split Flavour Oil is a little buzz of banana wonderfulness that will take your lip balms and body oils to the next level.  Awesome with or without lip balm sweetener as you like it.

This product is technically a flavour oil but is suitable for use in your bath and body products as well, though we have not tested in all applications

Body Application  - Skin Safe. 

Lip application recommendation 0.5 - 2% (IFRA limit 8.5%)
Leave on recommendation 0.5-1% (IFRA limit 12.00%)
Wash off recommendation 0.5-1% (IFRA limit 92%)
Armpit application recommendation 0.3-0.5% (IFRA limit 2.5%)

Household Applications
Cleaning Products: Recommended to 2% (IFRA Unlimited)
Candles - Recommended usage 10% (IFRA Unlimited)
Gel Candles: TBA
Room Spray: Recommended 2% (IFRA Unlimited)
Diffuser - Recommended usage 25% (IFRA Unlimited)

INCI: Flavour

IFRA Category 1 Products applied to the lips  8.5%
IFRA Category 2 Products applied to the axillae: 2.5%
IFRA Category 3 Eye products 51.00%
IFRA Category 4 Products related to fine fragrance:  47.00%
IFRA Category 5A Body lotion products  12.00%
IFRA Category 5B Face moisturizer products   12.00%
IFRA Category 5C Hand cream products   12.00%
IFRA Category 5D Baby Products  12.00%
IFRA Category 6 Internal oral   28.00%
IFRA Category 7A Rinse-off hair products 96.00%
IFRA Category 7B Leave-on hair products   1.16%
IFRA Category 8 Products Intimate contact;   0.19%
IFRA Category 9 Rinse off: Bar soap; Liquid soap;  96.00%
IFRA Category 10A Household care non spray:  Not limited
IFRA Category 10B Household spray products:  Not limited
IFRA Category 12 Non skin contact Candles, diffusers etc Not limited

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