Indigo is a natural extract of a legume which has a natural blue colour - quite rare in the world of plants.  

To Use:
There are a few ways to use Indigo powder.  One option is:
Rehydrate 3 heaped teaspoons of indigo powder in 100ml warm water the day before you wish to make your soap.  Make up the lye water as per your recipe.  Add the indigo while the lye water is still very hot and stir well to incorporate it evenly.  For a smooth finish the plant matter can be filtered out through cheesecloth prior to making the soap, or it can be left in if a more speckled finish is desired.  Once your lye water is as you would like it gently stir it to make sure all colour is lifted from the bottom and proceed as normal.

Botanical name: Indigofera Tinctora

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