Creating your own eyeshadow can be just as much fun as wearing it and mastering those on trend application techniques you’ve been practicing. There’s also the advantage of choosing your own colours to blend - truly personalising the product to your needs. Our recipe to make your own amazing eyeshadow is easy to follow and includes some fabulous colour suggestions for both a blue and brown toned shadow to get you started.You will need a coffee grinder to ensure your ingredients are clump free.
Once your coloured mica has been added to the eyeshadow base, DO NOT GRIND- as this can lead to the structure of the mica being destroyed. INSTEAD, mix the mica thoroughly into the base by hand.

Equipment you will need:
Coffee grinder
Jewelers (pocket) scales that can weigh small increments. 

To make your eye shadow base you will need a coffee grinder to ensure your ingredients are clump free and will allow your colourants to mix evenly through your base.  Do NOT use the coffee grinder once your coloured micas are added as the process will destroy the mica structure.

Eye Shadow Base

Begin by making up a batch of eye shadow base.  By making a batch of this size you can add your colour options to your base and mix rather than making a smaller quantity each and every time you require eye shadow.

Into your coffee grinder place:
25gm sericite
2.5gm rice powder
2gm magnesium stearate
5gm titanium dioxide (you may use water or oil dispersible if you wish)
1gm fractionated coconut oil
2gm Vitamin E Natural - Mixed Tocopherols

Turn on your coffee grinder and let it run for a minute or two.  Allow the powder to settle before removing the lid.  This product constitutes the base which you can add your colours to make the eye shadow you would like.

Making the Finished Product

Into a small bowl place 2gm of the eye shadow base.  (This quantity will roughly fill 2 x 5gm makeup pots or 1 x 10gm makeup pot.)

Add your mica colour selections and mix extremely well by hand.  Do not grind this component.

You may like to try any of the following, or create your own colour combination.

Cafe Delight
1gm Latte
1/2g Bronze Sparks
1gm Delicacy

Ocean Breeze

1/2gm Blue Oasis
1/4gm Mysterious

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