Cold-Pressed Castor Oil: Your Versatile Skincare and Haircare Solution

Description: Discover the multifaceted benefits of Cold-Pressed Castor Oil, renowned for its soothing, protective, and moisturizing properties for the skin and hair. This high-quality oil, extracted from the seeds of the Ricinus communis plant, is rich in fatty acids and boasts antimicrobial properties, making it ideal for acne-prone skin.

Benefits for Skincare:

  • Castor oil acts as an emollient, delivering intense moisturization to the skin when incorporated into creams and lotions.
  • Its antimicrobial properties help fight bacteria and reduce inflammation, aiding in the prevention and treatment of acne.

Haircare Benefits:

  • When used in conditioners, Castor Oil lubricates each strand, providing flexibility to reduce and prevent breakage.
  • In shampoos, it promotes healthy shine and body, enhancing the overall appearance of lackluster hair.

Soap Making and Beyond:

  • Castor oil is a prized ingredient in liquid and bar soaps, contributing to luxurious lather production at just 2-3% in soap recipes.
  • Its ability to stabilize lather and provide additional shine and body makes it a valuable addition to various hair and skincare formulations.

Pain Relief and Beyond:

  • Castor oil is touted for its soothing properties in arthritic pain relief when warmed and applied to affected areas.
  • Our cold-pressed Castor Oil is filtered to "first special grade," ensuring high quality without the use of hexane or chemicals in extraction.


  • Botanical Name: Ricinus communis
  • Country of Origin: India
  • INCI: Ricinus Communis Seed Oil
  • CAS Number: 8001-79-4
  • Organic: No
  • Vegan and vegetarian


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Customer Reviews

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love this castor oil. It gives my soaps a luxurious feel. !ather and bubbles. My skin feels soft. Lovex

Only one I’ll buy

I used a few different castor oils then found this one and love it never use anything else

Five Stars Given - But it Only Allows you to Give Four

Good quality for a fraction of Chemist W. price. I use it for Hand and Body cream (it penetrates more deeply than any other oil so it makes superb creams), soaps and it’s good in lip balms. Oh, and a few dabs on crows feet under the sleep mask before bed erase wrinkles. Such a pity the postage literally costs almost double the cost of the item though (AusPost is extremely bad price and service-wise these days). Apart from that totally happy.

Dawn Organics

Great quality and clean castor oil at a very good price. Using this at 5% in CP soap and for lip and body balms

Love it!

I have added it to every recipe. It is an absolute must, and produces a lovely thick lather. I bought a litre of it and it was at the best price and quality i have found. Super solid packaging, too.

Customer Reviews

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