Alkanet root powder works best when infused in one of the soaping oils and used in your recipe as normal. Add the dry powder to a bottle with a screw cap lid and pour in the oil. 2 tablespoons of alkanet per 100gm of oil will create a nice dark shade of oil that you can dilute if it is a major component of your soap (like a castile) or use in a mixed oil base recipe. Shake like crazy to get all the dry powder into the oil, then allow to settle for a day if you are after a uniform colour. The solids should settle to the bottom of the bottle so straining is not required if you pour carefully. If you would like a speckled slightly exfoliant finish to your soap do not allow to settle out, but shake regularly while infusing, and once more before adding to your soap mix.
When added to a CP soap recipe the pH of your product will dictate the colour of your soap. The oil will be a gorgeous maroon colour when first diluted in the oil. As CP it is mildly caustic when first made the colour of the soap will be a grey/blue colour, but as it cures the soap will turn to a more purple shade. Please also consider the colour of your base oils as this may also affect the finished colour of your soap.

In its country of origin it is known as rotanjot.

Botanical Name: Alkanna tinctoria
Plant part used: Root
Country of origin: Pakistan
CAS# 8001-98-7
INCI: Alkanna tinctoria root