Extracted from the resins of the trunk and branches of the tree, Benzoin Oleoresin (liquid) is best known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The main highlight of this essential oil is its sweet and spicy vanilla balsam fragrance. It is used in perfumes as a base note, while in soaps it is used as a top or middle note. Ideally used as an antispasmodic and tonic for treating skin infections, Benzoin Oleoresin (liquid) is quite thick.
Excess usage can cause skin sensitivity.

Botanical Name: Styrax benzoin
INCI: Styrax Benzoing Gum
Part Used: Trunk and Branches
Method of extraction: Solvent extraction
Country of Origin: Indonesia
CAS Number: 84929-79-3

Not advised to use on children under 4 years of age, or during pregnancy.