Heirloom's Biodegradable Shining Silver Glitter is a classic, enchanting cosmetic grade glitter.

Produced from a special biodegradable film, our glitter is Certified Compostable! The biodegradable element of the glitter is derived from sustainable sources and contains no genetically modified materials. The trees used to create this product are sourced from The Forest Stewardship Council Certified suppliers to ensure that responsible forest management procedures are used. The film used to make this glitter will biodegrade in sea water. It requires heat, water and oxygen to allow micro-organisms to metabolize the bio-plastic into carbon dioxide, water and biomass. This product will not biodegrade on the shelf if kept dry. Keep out of soil, compost or waste water as this is where it can interact with micro-organisms and begin the decomposition process.

Not Vegan compatible due to the use of shellac (from secretions of the lac beetle) in manufacture