The Santa Boot 3D Soap Mould makes a really intriguing 3 dimentional soap which weighs 90gm. The boot itself measures 7cm tall by a sole lenth of 5.7cm and width of 2.8cm, with the upper section measuring 5cm x 4.8cm. Each mould makes a pair of boots.

This mould does require a little dismemberment and reconfiguration to make into the 3D formatting. To construct this mould ready for use cut the mould down the lines on the mould to form 4 sections. Align the nobbles on the mould for left and right side of each mould and join with bulldog clips or the like. Cut a hole in the top to allow the mould to be filled. Place in a container of an appropriate size (cup or bowl are good) to ensure the boot stays upright. Fill as required and allow to set before carefully unmoulding and trimming of excess soap where the seams joined. Present as desired.

These moulds are a thinner plastic than some and do not tolerate temperatures over 60ºC well so advise you soap cooler with this one.

Capacity: 90gm
Length: 57mm
Width: 28mm
Height: 70mm

2 cavities (4 halves)