Decyl Glucoside is a polyglucoside derived from plants, making it a natural, mild and gentle surfactant that does not dry the skin. Decyl Glucoside is an ideal product for the formulation of toiletry, personal hygiene, baby and pet products.

The stable fine foam created by this natural non-ionic surfactant is well suited to bubble baths and shower gels. A wide range of compatibility allows decyl glucoside to be combined with other surfactants without reducing the foam stability or volume. In fact, when used as a co-surfactant decyl glucoside can reduce the total amount of foaming ingredients required with no change to the overall performance, gentleness, cleaning effectiveness or volume of foam in the product. This product is best used in the oil phase of a recipe.

Heirloom's Decyl Glucoside is readily biodegradable..
Contains palm kernel oil.

INCI: Decyl glucoside
CAS Number: 58846-77-8 68515-73-1 and 110615-47-9
Active Content: 53%
Charge: Non-ionic
pH: 11.9

 Derived from Vegetables.