These clear deodorant tubes stand 77mm tall by 35mm wide and have a 30ml capacity. They have a solid screw mechanism to ensure your product rises smoothly and can easily be returned back to the tube. A clear overcap ensures no leakage when the product is filled through the base while the tube is standing on its completely flat lid allowing stability throughout the pour. A popular choice for insect repellent sticks, lotion bars, decongestant balm and solid deodorant

The secret to successful use is to leave the tube intact - exactly as you receive it. The lid holds a plastic cover in place (with a little handle for easy removal) that will stop your product from leaking out of the tube and will mould the top into a good shape. You must stand the tube on its nice flat lid to fill it through the hole in the base with your melted and cooled ingredients. If you are adding essential oils or fragrances add them just before you pour your mix and stir well to have them at their retainable best. Fill the tube only to the plastic shelf you can see through the hole and allow the mix to set up completely. To go past this point may clog the wind up mechanism that enables you to get the most out of your product. Then you simply insert the disc into the hole to complete it and turn the right way up. Your product is then ready to label and move on to its end purpose.

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