Donut Mould Mini are an excellent way to produce many embeds, candle adornments or melt mix products at one time.  Simply pour and level to progress the liquid to the next chamber so you are not individually filling each cavity.  So simple and produces a lot very quickly.  Consider also using for Fruit Loop embeds in your creations, or any round cereal that suits your needs.

Make masses of hearts as Valentines scatters, for the top of your loaves or as an organised confetti for your inserts for cut bars.  Great in clear melt and pour as you will be able to see all the individual pieces.

This individual approach is an excellent way to allow clients to blend their own scent creation by adding a few beads of several fragrances to customise their mix.  A great promotion point to encourage them to buy several scents to play with

Make your own candle decorations that are not in breach of insurance rules to make your product as special as you wish without safety issues.

Mat Size: 39 x 27.5cm
Each Cavity is 2cm diameter x 7mm deep 
Capacity: 2.5gm per cavity.  120gm per fill
Cavities: 6 x 8 = 48