ECO Room Spray/Diffuser Base is an environmentally friendly alternative to petrochemical based solvents.  This clear liquid  will serve as both a room spray AND a diffuser base.  Simply add your fragrance to the base fluid in the volume that suits your end purpose, stir and package the still clear product.  Best of all this product is not considered dangerous goods so may be shipped with your other products to the location that suits you best.

Our ECO Room Spray/Diffuser Base has a low carbon footprint, is sustainable and  VOC compliant with excellent solubility.  Brilliant evaporation rates leave your room smelling amazing no matter which method of use you choose.

  • To make a room spray:

Add 5 - 20% fragrance oil

  • To make a diffuser

Add 15-25% fragrance oil.

Vegetable glycerine - sustainable 

Suited to vegans and vegetarians.
Not tested on animals.

*** NOT suitable for body spray
*** Not suited to pillow/linen spray application due to an oily residue which may mark     fabric.


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