Create Perfectly Blended Products with our Emulsifier

Elevate your homemade beauty products with our user-friendly, non-ionic emulsifier. Formulated with Cetearyl Alcohol and Ceteareth-20, this magical ingredient effortlessly brings oil and water together, ensuring your creations remain perfectly blended without any separation hassles.

How It Works:

By breaking down the water resistance of oils, our emulsifier helps you achieve a gorgeously thick and smooth liquid consistency in your skincare products. It's like bringing all the best ingredients to the same dance floor and making sure they stay together, resulting in a beautifully emulsified end product that feels just right.

Perfect Measurements for Your Creations:

If you're dreaming of a luxurious skin milk, aim for around 2% of our emulsifier in your recipe. For a light and silky lotion, a dash of 4% will work wonders. Need a rich and nourishing body butter? Consider adding a generous 8% to your mixture. Keep in mind that these quantities can be adjusted based on other ingredients in your recipe, so consider them as friendly suggestions rather than strict rules.

Why it's Trusted:

Not only is our emulsifier perfect for crafting at home, but it's also a staple in many medical recipes, ensuring a consistent and reliable outcome every time. It's no wonder it's referred to as NF (National Formulary) – the mark of quality and reliability in the world of formulation.

Feel free to use in lip balms to emulsify the sweetener into your product.

Ingredients: Cetearyl Alcohol (57-77%) and Ceteareth-20 (23-43%)
Derived from non RSPO palm oil
Vegetarian and Vegan.


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