Gentle and soothing, Heirloom's Kaolin Clay is nature's secret for beautiful skin.

Our highly absorbent Kaolin Clay works to gently extract impurities and excess oil from the skin to balance and detoxify without causing redness and inflammation. Remove dirt, pollution and dead skin easily and gently with use. Kaolin clay actively works to soothe sensitive, irritable skin and reduce overall redness with repeated use.

After long term use, Kaolin clay can promote tighter and more toned skin while reducing the overall appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Use in face masks and other skin care products to enjoy it's skin care benefits, or incorporate into body powders, bath bombs, salts, soaps and deodorants.

Combine with water or Apple Cider Vinegar to create a smooth paste that gently exfoliates, deeply cleans, and tones all skin types.

Approved for use on eyes, lips nails and face.

INCI: Kaolin (White Clay)
CAS Number: 1332-58-7

Please note: Skin irritation can occur if used too regularly.

Our Kaolin clay is now of Australian origin so will be merging with our White Australian clay to be known as Australian White Kaolin clay when existing labelled product has been sold.


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