Lanolin Anhydrous, also known as wool wax or wool grease, is used by domesticated sheep to protect the wool and skin against environmental factors and keep the skin clean. With its excellent emulsifying properties and long shelf life, Lanolin Anhydrous is the perfect addition to your cosmetics and toiletries.

Lanolin Anhydrous deeply and intensely hydrates by forming an oil barrier that traps and maintains moisture within the skin. Dry, rough, scaly or itchy skin may be banished for good! Alternatively, use in hair conditioner for a refreshing hydration boost. The intensely moisturizing Lanolin works hard to deeply penetrate coarse, thick and curly hair and deliver softness and shine.

Country of Origin: Australia. The Australian Lanolin we supply is refined/processed overseas to meet the USP requirements.

INCI: Lanolin

CAS Number: 8006-54-0