An upscale, complex blend, with rich lemony top notes giving way to a green floral-herbal base full of wonderful, exotic things like marigold, jonquil, and vetiver. BOTTOM LINE: Intoxicating and complex -- absolutely nothing run-of-the-mill about this one.

Body: Skin Safe
Soap: CP, HP, M & P
Recommended CP Usage Rate: 30-50gm per kilo of oils
Recommended M & P Usage Rate: 2-3%
Acceleration: No
Discolouration: No
Soy: Excellent
Paraffin: Excellent
Gel: No
Flash point: 93ºC 200(ºF)
Vegan: Yes

 IFRA Maximum Concentrations.  These are not recommended usage levels:
Class 1 – Lip Products: Not Suitable
Class 2 – Body Sprays: 1.245%
Class 5A – Creams, Lotions and Body Oils: 7.25%
Class 9A – Soaps and Bath Products: 12.75%

If you require maximum concentration data on other classes please contact us

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Sharon Leahy
Great Scent

I just love Lemon Verbena, it has always been a favourite of mine. This version of the fragrance is luscious. WIll be back to buy more

Customer review

Have a look at my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/3GirlsSilkySoaps?fref=ts

Name of Scent: Lemon Verbena
Acceleration: No
Ricing: None
Any other Issues: No
Discoloration over time: None. My batch was white with a yellow swirl and is still the same
Usage rate of fragrance: 2.5% of oil weight
How does the Scent stick in the soap when smelled several weeks later: Excellent.

high olive slows things down, high castor speeds things up. Castor at 10% , but it behaved like a gem.

What was your lye conentration: 27%. full water amount
Were you soaping warm or with cool temps. Room temp.
Wat the soap HP or CP. Cold Processed with full gel
Any other important details: This F.O. behaves beautifully and consistently in all my recipes even whipped soap. It is a beautiful light subtle smell, so fresh.


Deb W.
Customer review

I bought the Lemon Verbena Fragrance Oil Sweet Cakes after testing another Lemon Verbena oil in a chemist. The Heirloom Lemon Verbena is a gorgeous, fresh scent, I was very happy that I took the chance and purchased it. We used it in an oil burner and the Lemon Verbena left a fresh, calming and relaxing scent. The next day we could still smell a hint of the oil when we came in. My daughter has just made a basic solid perfume using the Lemon Verbena (it seems to have worked perfectly with the Heirloom Beeswax and olive oil recipe I also bought the Heirloom Beeswax pellets). The little perfume smells just as gorgeous. Of absolute importance to us also is that the oils and materials from Heirloom are not tested on animals and ethically sourced. I highly recommend the Lemon Verbena Fragrance Oil Sweetcakes, its a beautiful, light, fresh smelling fragrance oil. 10/10.

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