If you are looking for Lip Balm Sweetener Natural (New Formulation) then this is the product for you.  It is made from Thaumatin,  Thaumatin is a natural sweetener that comes from the fruit of the katemfe plant (Thaumatococcus daniellii) and is a great option for sweetening lip balms.  Totally clear this product will not affect the colour of your finished product.

Being extremely sweet you do not need a lot of this product so use sparingly to create a subtle taste rather than it being the front flavour.

This product is water based, so using the correct combining method is crucial to ensure it does not separate out:
Make your basic lip balm mixture (whether it's "from scratch," using various liquid oils plus beeswax, or using our lip balm base). Add to this our Lip Balm Sweetener Natural  (we recommend using 3% by weight). Stir continuously as the base cools (the sweetener will want to pool at the bottom initially, but will become more willing to blend and integrate as the mixture cools down). When the base has cooled and is opaque and thick, put the container in a hot-water bath to remelt, stirring constantly. Voila! The sweetener will stay nicely combined with the base.

INCI: "Natural Additive (as sweetener)."

Recommended Usage rate: 1-5%

Ingredients: Water, Natural Flavour Components (Thaumatin based), Citric acid, Potassium Sorbate

Vegetarian and Vegan Suited