Traditional and timeless, Lip Balm Tubes White - 4.5gm stand up to the test of time. Being extremely practical these lip balm tubes are 68mm long and 15mm wide, and white for the clean, crisp finish people have come to know and love.
The polypropylene used to make our lip balm tubes is BPA free ensuring it avoids the health issues associated with that chemical.
They can be used in conjunction with lip balm filling tray if you wish to make your life simpler.  Choose whether to make your product from scratch, our regular lip balm base or our vegan lip balm base.

  • Length: 68mm
  • Width: 15mm
  • Capacity: 4.5gm

 Suggested label size Maximum:  5cm (around) and 4.8cm tall

Product may arrive with lids on rather than separately.

**It is strongly recommended that you undertake extensive stability testing of all components. Compatibility of these tubes with your products can not be guaranteed **

There are 2352 tubes in a full box.

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