Madder Root Powder used in cold process soap creates an amazing colour, naturally. The colour can range from a delicate dusty pink through to a much deeper pink, mauve or even reddish brown. This will be dependent on the amount used, the plant matter itself and whether you gel or not.   This is a wonderfully forgiving ingredient,  It can be added to freshly made lye water while it is still hot at around 2 tablespoons per kilo of oils, and then strained prior to soaping.  Straining is not necessary if you are looking for a speckled finish to your soap.

Alternatively, the powder can be added to your oils prior to adding the lye, or added at trace. This is an amazingly forgiving product that will allow you to be creative with what works best for you.

If you would like to use your madder root powder in melt and pour soap the quantity you use will vary the colour considerably. Mix your selected amount with 3 times the volume with isopropyl alcohol (eg. 1 teaspoon of madder root to 3 teaspoons alcohol) and mix well to dissipate any clumping. Add the slurry to your choice of melted clear or white melt and pour base and mix well.

Botanical name: Rubia tinctorium
Origin : Pakistan
Plant part: Root
CAS No: 84650-16-8